About Us: What We Offer

Vector Data Services targets two primary markets that we call the Retail Market and the Wholesale Market. The retail market is typically comprised of corporate entities that wish to conduct organizational-level surveys of their employees. The most common form of assessment we produce for these clients is a 360-degree feedback report. This style of report effectively captures the perceptions of all of employees’ important constituencies: self, boss, peers, direct reports, and customers. However, we support not only this sophisticated type of survey but also all forms imaginable. VDS provides all levels of service for our corporate clients from active involvement in the survey administration process to report generation and even written analysis.

For the wholesale market, Vector Data Services offers a complete one-stop, low-cost, simple to use, web-enabled outsourcing of any and all survey, assessment and data needs. We make it easy for consultants to survey their clients. In fact, we have the ability to private-label all of our services. For instance, it is possible for the consultant’s and/or his client’s logo to appear on the screen when a survey respondent views a given questionnaire. Using the VDS systems, consultancies of all types and sizes may now leverage the tremendous value of surveys of all types to increase the effectiveness of their work for clients and ultimately increase their ROI.

  • Corporate Market - Large and Small
  • Consultant Market
  • “Anyone who wants to have a survey done” Market (www.SurveysRUs.com)

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